Rotator cuff t-shirt

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Shoulder Surgery Shirts

These Snappy T-Shirts have become the first medical wear to follow the hospital gown for easy on-and-off patient wear. The Red T-Shirt is a size 2XXL. Note - Please order a size larger than normal.

Rotator Cuff T-shirt created by Medical Rehab Wear | Jackson, TN

STYLE #1 - $39.95

Green T-Shirt
STYLE #2 - $39.95

Rotator Cuff T-Shirts Available in Jackson, TN

STYLE #3 - $49.95

We’ve been there before: having to quickly find rehabilitation clothing to accommodate yourself or a loved one before they receive physical therapy. Specifically after rotator cuff surgery, it can be difficult to find shoulder surgery shirts that allow the patient and caregiver to safely put on and take off the garment. Our three styles of adaptive clothing for shoulder surgery are multifunctional beyond someone with limited arm mobility. Regardless of if you’re looking for shirts to wear after shoulder surgery or tops that a loved one could wear during chemotherapy treatment, we can help at Medical Rehab Wear Inc.

These shirts were originally designed as shirts to wear after shoulder surgery, and ideally are to be worn in place of a hospital gown. Additionally, they have also been tested for more than eight continuous months of wear so you’re going to be wearing shoulder surgery shirts that work for you. Our 2 inch snaps provide privacy, and comfort in our selection of adaptive clothing for shoulder surgery. No matter what you’re looking for to wear after a large procedure, make sure you check out our selection today at Medical Rehab Wear Inc.