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Orthopedic Post-Surgery Garments

When you’re looking for post-surgery garments, we’re your source for the best pants and shirts to wear after shoulder surgery at Medical Rehab Wear Inc. After our founder’s own experience finding rehab t-shirts after her mother’s Humerus surgery, she found that there was a lack of adaptive rehab clothing available to those who needed it and soon developed what is now our Style #1.

Our orthopedic post-surgery garments, specifically Style #1, benefit the patient and caregiver with these easy on/off rehab t-shirts. They’re perfect for someone with a rotator cuff tear to someone who has just had a cranial injury. Style #2 is put on over the head and snapped under the arms on either side of the patient’s body. Style #3 is a combination of the other two styles. When unsnapped, the patient can easily insert the good arm first, wrap around back and front to snap like a robe on the surgery side. Any one of our styles is ideal when looking for shirts to wear after shoulder surgery, a broken arm, or any injury or procedure causing immobility of the use of either or both arms.

Black Rehabilitation Clothing, Medical Rehabilitation Shirts in Jackson, TN

STYLE #1 - $39.95

Blue Style #3
STYLE #3 - $49.95

Green Breast Surgery Shirt, Medical Rehabilitation Shirts in Jackson, TN

STYLE #2 - $39.95