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Dialysis Clothing & Rehab Shirts

Kidney Dialysis T-Shirts and Pants "ASSISTIVE MEDICAL DEVICES" BY MRW

November is Diabetes & Bladder Month

National Kidney Foundation has invited us to the Dialysis event in St. Louis, MO.
DaVita has recently invited our Dialysis wear in one of their local clinics.

When you’re looking for rehab shirts for patients who are going through dialysis, our dialysis shirts are comfortable, functional, and retain color after repeated washings. Those who are familiar with dialysis treatment know that patients go three times a week, and have a four hour treatment each time in an extremely cold room. When designing our dialysis clothing, we had labeled dialysis as a use for some of our t-shirts, but had never seen the process before. During the process, the dialysis treatment tubes are inserted between two upper arm closed snaps in our shirt, which secures them from falling down and preventing a life threatening event.

Additionally, our dialysis shirts can be customized on the left, right, or both sides for comfortable use. You can wear our dialysis clothing to treatments, during the process, and leave your treatment not having to change clothing. Our main goal when creating our dialysis clothing is to make sure the patients are comfortable, at ease, and are wearing clothing that allow them to get the treatment they need to feel better.