chemotherapy wear

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Clothes for Chemo Patients

Chemotherapy Shirts and Dialysis Wear - Treatment Clothing - $42.95 and Style #2 at $39.95 make treatments easier for the patient by wearing our short or long sleeve chemo clothes with hidden snaps from neckband, across the shoulder, down the sleeve and cuff. Don't worry, all our snaps are hidden on our clothes for chemo patients and no one would recognize the difference when running errands. All of our easy on/off chemotherapy rehab shirts provide warmth, comfort, and access with our extra wide sleeves. These easy to use shirts give you the ability to unsnap where needed for warmth purposes. Our Gildan, 100% ultra-cotton t-shirts are used for all our products and have been tested by patients needing rehab for years. They’re color safe, preshrunk and are versatile regardless of what treatment, disease, or illness you’re suffering from.

All of our clothes for chemo patients are customized using either long sleeve with or without fleece. From the color, to the sides that the snaps are on, we take the extra step to provide dignity, privacy, and modesty in all of our chemo clothes. We sell to chemo patients individually and to clinics, doctors, and take wholesale orders as well.

Most chemo patients order one of our rehab shirts and are so pleased that they will place a repeat order in several different colors. We also have long sleeved chemotherapy shirts that are fleece-lined for the colder months ahead. When it comes to providing clothing, a chemotherapy patient can wear and be comfortable and able to receive their treatment properly.