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About our rehab t-shirts

At Medical Rehab Wear Inc., our primary goal is to provide rehab T-shirts and post-surgery garments that are beneficial not only to the patient, but to the caregiver as well. That’s why we’ve dedicated our time meeting with various nurses, patients, and other caregivers, seeing what types of rehab apparel they need. We want to tailor our clothing, whether it’s our shoulder surgery shirts or our chemo clothes, to make whatever road to recovery ahead easier for everyone involved in the process. 

In order to create our rehab T-shirts that’s beneficial to all procedures, we need to constantly make improvements to help better our understanding of the recovery and what a patient needs in their garments during that time. When we meet with industry professionals, we ask them what more they’d like to see out of our clothing and how they can benefit the patient’s rehab success. With those efforts, we’ve created things like our dialysis shirt that has a life-saving feature of running a patient’s tubes through the shirt, which prevents them from falling out and cutting off consistent blood flow. It’s things like this that help us grow, expand, and learn more about designing clothing that not only help a patient’s recovery, but could potentially save a life as well.

If you’re looking for more information regarding our shoulder surgery shirts, chemo clothes, or any of our other rehab t-shirts & clothing, contact us today at (731) 664-8013. We’re always happy to assist our customers with whatever needs they have, or listen if they have feedback on our clothing.

Customer Feedback

Customers love these shirts. "God bless you. The nurses loved your shirt and wanted to know where I got it! I will take your brochure in when I get my stitches out." raved Susan from Kentucky. "Loved the shirts, Awesome product!" extolled J.K. "Just received your shirts and they are wonderful!" Customer testimonials like this warm my heart and lets me know that I'm making a great product that truly helps people in need.  "Thank you for the wonderful t-shirts. Kerry made a wonderful recovery with them." Again, your product is excellent and I know these shirts will be my major and most important apparel in the near future. - Sally T.