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This is Our Story

“My mother is the reason for our rehab shirts and recovery apparel at Medical Rehab Wear Inc. In 2007 at 82 years old, she fell and badly fractured her Humerus, which is the bone between the elbow and the shoulder. She was unable to walk and couldn’t use her arm, with the pain being almost too much for her to bear. 

Surgery was required immediately to replace the Humerus. Her rehabilitation team came to her room the next day and informed us that she needed four rehab shirts and bottoms to start physical therapy. I asked the hospital staff if the rehab floor had after shoulder surgery clothing to purchase, and they told me they didn’t. I then asked if the medical supply store or rehab facilities in the surrounding area had them for sale, and I was also told they weren’t available there either. They did inform me that most patients just cut their clothing for rehab, so I searched online thinking that there had to be an easier option. Unfortunately, I came up with nothing and was at a loss to what my mother could wear for her physical therapy. She needed something durable to last through eight months of PT, OT, and home care that would be comfortable enough to wear and easy for me to use. 

I knew how to sew, but it had been years and I had no idea if my old sewing machine would work after being in the closet for 25 years. So I went to a local store and purchased several 100% cotton t-shirts and a few packages of snaps. I knew these rehab shirts I was about to make had to be functional, comfortable, and provide some form of privacy. I went on to create what would become our current Style #1. After the nurse and rehab therapist both had an easy time using the shirt, I knew it was time to start making after shoulder surgery clothing and other rehab clothing for others. My family motivated me to start selling them in 2008, and now our collection has branched out into being used as adaptive clothing for elderly patients, chemotherapy clothing, and many other uses."