SPinal cord injuries

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Spinal Cord Injury Shirts in Jackson, Tennessee 

STYLE #4 - $69.95

Our easy-on, easy-off spinal cord injury rehab shirts from Medical Rehab Wear Inc. increase movement and reduce discomfort during your recovery process. Specifically, our Style #4 is designed for bedridden spinal cord injury patients and when unsnapped becomes two pieces – the front side and back side. Our spinal cord injury shirt is designed so that when the caregiver rolls the patient to one side of the bed, the back side of the t-shirt can be placed down and the patient can roll back on top of it. Then, the front side of the t-shirt is placed on the patient’s chest with both sides being snapped by the caregiver. This t-shirt, which can also serve as post-surgical garments in spinal surgery, has snaps that are totally hidden. This allows the patient to freely wear post-surgery garments without the snaps being shown, but still allowing the caregiver to help the patient dress accordingly without pain or discomfort.


After our founder’s personal experience assisting her mother after a surgery, she decided that she needed to develop rehab shirts for all different types of recovery situations, using all-cotton material. Specifically in spinal cord injury and post-surgery garments, our t-shirts have been used to make the patient and caregivers’ lives more comfortable throughout the recovery process. Physical rehab can be tough, especially for those suffering from spinal cord injuries, so we wanted to make rehab and post-surgical garments that help to make your life a little less difficult.


If you’re looking for more information regarding our rehab shirts, contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with whatever additional facts you need.