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Rotator Cuff T-Shirts Available

These Snappy T-Shirts have become the first medical wear to follow the hospital gown for easy on-and-off patient wear. The Red T-Shirt is a size 2XXL. Note - Please order a size larger than normal.

Rotator Cuff T-shirt created by Medical Rehab Wear | Jackson, TN
STYLE #1 - $39.95 
Green T-Shirt
STYLE #2 - $39.95 
Rotator Cuff T-Shirts Available in Jackson, TN

STYLE #3 - $49.95 

These three Styles have patent pending and used for multifunctional medical uses.  Red T-shirt has snaps across either left or right shoulder and sleeve. Originally used for rotator cuff tear, shoulder replacement to replace the hospital gown.  All our t-shirts are 100% Cotton, Ultra Heavy Wt., 6.0, the heaviest t-shirt available.  All our t-shirts have been tested for more than 8 continuous months of wear.  Kelly Green t-shirt is another variation of Orthopedic t-shirt and can be used for abdominal surgeries, mastectomy surgery, strokes, Parkinson, Dementia, Alzheimers, and the Royal Blue t-shirts when unsnapped is like dressing with a robe.  2" snaps provide privacy, comfort, and use Style #1 and Style #2 combination for easy access on/off.  It is amazing what a T-Shirt can become by adding snaps. WE SUGGEST TO ORDER MORE THAN ONE FOR A SPARE CLEAN ONE.  ALWAYS ORDER A SIZE LARGER THAN NORMAL.  SUGGEST TO DRY IN DRYER A FEW MINUTES AND FINISH HANGING.

Contact me for more information on my selection of medical rehab clothing including the rotator cuff t-shirts.