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Rotator Cuff T-Shirts Available in Jackson, Tennessee

Rotator Cuff T-Shirts Available in Jackson, TN
                  STYLE #3 - $42.95

Easy-on, easy-off rotator cuff t-shirts from my Jackson, Tennessee, company reduces movement and pain during your recovery process. Medical Rehab Wear Inc. started as a home business in 2007 after my mother's orthopedic surgery.

Hospital rehab told us she needed four tops and bottoms to begin rehab the next day, but none of the outlets I contacted had ever carried any medical rehab wear.

Doing It Myself

After scouring the Internet for rotator cuff t-shirts, I discovered that there were no such products available to help my mother. Frustrated, I went to work making my own garment, and in a short time I had created Style #1 with snaps across the shoulder and sleeve, ready for the nurses to try.  Shortly after receiving orders, I created Style #2 and Style #3 with more sales. Then the all-important Style #4 for bedridden patients, paraplegics, quadriplegics.  Please spread the word about our rotator cuff t-shirts to needy patients.  Prices are definitely adjusted based on need.

My mother's nurses were so excited about the rotator cuff t-shirts, which met my mother's needs perfectly during her seven-month stay in rehab.

Moving Forward

After my mother's rehab, I decided to continue to develop more shirts for different types of injuries and rehab situations using all-cotton cloth. I felt that the market for these products represented an area where I could truly help people reduce pain and ease the burdens of physical rehab. Now, I have five different styles available around the Internet, including the rotator cuff t-shirt style, with patents pending on three styles.  We found that our customers were wearing our t-shirts to doctor follow up visit and are amazed seeing your t-shirt for the first time asking, "Where did you get that great t-shirt?"  Spread the word over the USA - CUSTOMIZED IN THE USA.  DISCOUNTS OFFERED FOR LARGE ORDERS.  Ask us to mail you more brochures and the link to our "PDF" FILE.

Growing & Building

Now, my products are distributed in health care settings like rehab facilities, orthopedic clinics, assisted living centers, and nursing homes. Our committed customers keep us busy, often buying many shirts for themselves. These Snappy T-Shirts have become the first medical wear to follow the hospital gown for easy on-and-off patient wear.  Red t-Shirt is a size 2XXL. Note - Please order a size larger than normal.

Rotator Cuff T-shirt created by Medical Rehab Wear | Jackson, TN
                 STYLE #1 - $24.95
Contact me in Jackson, Tennessee, for more information on my selection of medical rehab clothing including the rotator cuff t-shirts.