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Medical Rehab Snap T-Shirts Wear (Patient Wear) for Multi-functional
Medical Needs in Jackson, Tennessee

Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Surgery Broken Arms & Rehab T-Shirts Rotator Cuff Tear, Shoulder
Surgery Long Sleeve Also
Dialysis Wear
T-Shirt-Style-1 - Blue
T-Shirt-Style-1 - Green
T-Shirt-Style-1A - Blue
Dialysis, Chemo, Infusion, Picline Wear Dialysis, Chemo Wear T-Shirts Adapted Wear for Seniors
Surgical Recovery,
EZ On/Off Orthopedic
T-Shirt-Style-1A - Green
T-Shirt-Style-1A - Grey
Patient Wear Opens as Robe Burn, Orthopedic,
Abdominal Surgery
Broken Neck, Back, Bedridden Shoulder Surgery, Broken Arms
T-Shirt-Style-3 - Blue
Breast Surgery - Drainage Bulbs  Inside Pockets Style #1E -Center Back Style #1F -Center Front Style #1G -Center Front
T-Shirt Style #1E
T-Shirt Style #1E

T-Shirt Style #1F


T-Shirt Style #1G

*2XL sizes and up are an additional $3.00.
Coupon, Medical Rehab Wear (Patient Wear) for Multifunctional Medical Needs in Jackson, Tennessee

Multifunctional 50-plus uses
for these patient t-shirts.

Medical Rehab Clothing

Never Before Has There Been a Garment to Replace the Hospital Gown Until "NOW"

Make rehab easier for you or your loved ones. Medical Rehab Wear Inc. has developed a simple but effective line of rehab clothingthat is easy on/easy off with hidden snaps for patients with discomfort/pain, loss of mobility, and frustration while dressing, undressing, and bathing.   Gildan, heavy wt., 6.1 oz., 100% cotton t-shirts are customized for each patient using the style most beneficial to meet the needs of the patient and the caregiver. Our finished products provide comfort, durability, dignity, privacy, and modesty to both men, women, children, and youth during recovery.  Christmas party hostess recovering from surgery needed something to wear with the t-shirts - we suggested a Christmas scarf and using a red and kelly green t-shirt, Style #1 and wear leggings with any jewelry. The red and green t-shirts were trimmed in black and OH, SO slenderizing with black slim pants. LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, BE COMFORTABLE!!

About Us

Make it easier to get healthy with medical rehab shirts from Medical Rehab Wear Inc. in Jackson, Tennessee.  We sell our t-shirts with hidden snaps for 50+ medical conditions.  Your patients and loved ones will love how easy and painless it is to get these snap-closure garments on and off. No other rehab shirt is available, and I've been making these one-of-a-kind products for more than seven years. Our products are now available shipped to—foreign countries.  We have shipped orders to, Canada, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Contact us rehab wear@yahoo.com for questions.  

See our sizes, styles and pricing charts when selecting products.

Hours of Operation: Daily, 9 a.m.– 8 p.m.

Providing Health Services in Jackson, Tennessee, Nationwide and Foreign Countries

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Make Rehabilitation treatments easier for the patient by wearing our rehab clothing.