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Medical Rehab Snap T-Shirts Wear (Patient Wear) for Multifunctional Medical Needs in Jackson, Tennessee

Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Surgery
T-Shirt-Style-1 - Blue
Broken Arms & Rehab T-Shirts
T-Shirt-Style-1 - Green
Rotator Cuff Tear/Shoulder Surgery Long Sleeve Also 
T-Shirt-Style-1 - Yellow
Dialysis Wear
T-Shirt-Style-1A - Blue
Dialysis, Chemo, Infusion, Picline Wear
T-Shirt-Style-1A - Green
Dialysis/Chemo Wear T-Shirts
T-Shirt-Style-1A - Grey
Adapted Wear for Seniors
T-Shirt-Style-2 - Red
Surgical Recovery/EZ on/off Orthopedic
Patient Wear Opens as Robe
T-Shirt-Style-3 - Black
Burn/Orthopedic/Abdominal Surgery
T-Shirt-Style-3 - Blue
Broken Neck/ Back, Bedridden
Shoulder Surgery, Broken  Arms

T-Shirt Style #5
Breast Surgery - Drainage Bulbs  Inside pockets

T-Shirt Style #1E

T-Shirt Style #1E
Style #1F -Center Front

T-Shirt Style #1F



T-Shirt Style #1G

Coupon, Medical Rehab Wear (Patient Wear) for Multifunctional Medical Needs in Jackson, Tennessee

Multifunctional 50-plus uses for these patient t-shirts.

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Medical Rehab Clothing - Never before has there been a garment to replace the hospital gown until "NOW".

Make rehab easier for you or your loved ones. Medical Rehab Wear Inc. has developed a simple but effective line of rehab clothing that is easy on/easy off with hidden snaps for patients with discomfort/pain, loss of mobility, and frustration while dressing, undressing, and bathing.   Gildan, heavy wt., 6.1 oz., 100% cotton t-shirts are customized for each patient using the style most beneficial to meet the needs of the patient and the caregiver.  Our finished products provide comfort, durability, dignity, privacy, and modesty to both men, women, children, and youth during recovery.   (Christmas party hostess recovering from surgery needed something to wear with the t-shirts - we suggested a Christmas scarf and using a red and kelly green t-shirt, Style #1 and wear leggings with any jewelry).  The red and green t-shirts were trimmed in black and OH, SO slenderizing with black slim pants.  LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, BE COMFORTABLE!!  

Style #1 shown in Blue and Yellow is our #1 seller for Orthopedic post surgery wear:  Rotator cuff surgery wear, shoulder, elbow surgeries and replacements.  Broken Arms, ribs, clavicle, cranial injuries, and any upper torso surgery requiring rehab.  We suggest ordering a size larger than normal in all our t-shirts and use the size and color charts when ordering or contact us.  This Style can be easily stepped into and pulled up by caregiver to insert good arm and gently pull the front and back with snaps underarm and snap at the shoulder.  It is important to order a size larger.

Style #2, shown in Red/Green  is also chosen for its easy over the head and snap for many uses mentioned above. Arthritic conditions, stroke, Orthopedic uses, breast surgeries, abdominal surgeries, easy over the head then snap and ready. 

Style #3, Combination of #1 and #2 easily opens like a robe when unsnapped.  Seniors may find this style very useful too.  Patient with abdominal surgeries, strokes, Orthopedic uses i.e. broken arms are helped with these Styles too.  Other Styles listed on other pages.  We hope you like our products and if pockets are needed, add $6 and contact us for size and placement. 

Combination of Style #1 and #2 easiest style to dress as opens like a robe.

Style #4, $62.95 Bedridden patients, paraplegics, quadraplegics. Snaps are hidden on both sides when properly snapped.  More medical uses, broken arms, alzheimers, parkinson, dementia, arthritic conditions...................more disabilities.  We even accept patient's t-shirts if adaptible to using the snaps.

Style #1A  Kidney Dialysis/chemotherapy/infusion/Ports/Pickline/I.Vs'/Catheters are all uses for our long or short sleeve t-shirts that are the "newest" product on the market for the patient and caregivers.  Let us help!  No Zippers!  Patients purchasing the newest Style- Short or long sleeves available also for those that need just a few snaps.  We do childrens' t-shirts in additional colors and offer customizing their personal t-shirts for comfort.  T-Shirts for Seniors are always good for easy on/off dressing.  The "snappy tees" are great for broken arms. 

STYLE #6 Was designed for the Breast surgery patient.  Photo shown is Style #2 T-Shirt with snaps and (2) hidden pockets that allow the drain bulbs to rest for as long as needed to prevent spills.

STYLE #E, #F, #G - Green t-shirt short sleeve has snaps down center back, Red t-shirt  has snaps down the center front, and #G is Long Sleeve Center front with easy snaps. Some patients ha  


Sizes, Styles, & Pricing

Our line of affordable rehab wear T-shirts has multi products for several Styles, sizes, colors, left, right or both torso sides, prices and injury requirement. We customize each t-shirt based on your wants and needs.  Make rehabilitation treatments easier for the patient/caregiver by wearing our dialysis, chemotherapy & orthopedic long or short sleeve  T- Shirts.  Shipping worldwide, based in Jackson, TN.

Contact us in Jackson, Tennessee, to learn more about our medical rehab shirts.

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Providing Health Services in Jackson, Tennessee, and Nationwide
Including foreign countries

Fantastic Design

Dialysis visitors run across the top of the chart and so forth.  We now have the newest and best design that offers hidden snaps from neck thru long sleeve, and cuff.  I met with a Dialysis Social Worker and we were able to offer so much warmth and " life saving feature" as a result of our effort.  The reason for us having 95% of visitors as Dialysis patients are continually looking for changes/improvements while dressing, undressing, and bathing.  Our new Style #1A has another feature that competitors don't offer. We offer a "life saving feature" by inserting tubes thru... to prevent tubes from falling down and being pinched to stop consistent blood flow.

Don't want to give you all the positive improvements in our Stylish, fashionable, functional, T-Shirt that can be worn to dialysis treatment, during trmt., and leave wearing the same t-shirt.  Wear it back to work and no one sees the snaps. Longer tops are "IN" with the Unisex Sizes and look "FANTASTIC" for women to add a scarf.   Check the color chart and size chart or feel comfortable contacting us if still concerned.  Comfortable, 100% cotton shirts are only available through our website, EBAY, and other dealers selling our product.  Unsnap as many needed.  Doctors are offering our products to patients as we are the Company that designed each T-Shirt Style for Patient wear after the hospital gown.  Patient does not have to cut up clothing, but leave the hospital with dignity, modesty, and privacy to include the surgery staff raving about "where did you get that T-Shirt?  Patent Pending.   Use our website to find us www.medicalrehabwearinc.com, email us at  -   rehabwear@yahoo.com for questions.  Our  FANTASTIC DESIGN has lead us to selling long sleeve t-shirts for chemotherapy, infusion, ports, pickline, in a choice of short or long sleeves.   Also consider our colors and Styles for HOLIDAY EVENTS.  The red and kelly green t-shirts look especially great trimmed in black!!!  All orders are easily processed within 2-3 days or less and shipped Priority Mail - 2 Day expected delivery or if time is limited we work with the patient to ship the t-shirt Priority Express with an added expense.



About Us

Make it easier to get healthy with medical rehab shirts from Medical Rehab Wear Inc. in Jackson, Tennessee.  We sell our t-shirts with hidden snaps for 50+ medical conditions.  Your patients and loved ones will love how easy and painless it is to get these snap-closure garments on and off. No other rehab shirt is available, and I've been making these one-of-a-kind products for more than seven years. Our products are now available shipped to—foreign countries.  We have shipped orders to, Canada, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Contact us rehabwear@yahoo.com for questions.  See our Color and Size charts when selecting products.


Customer Feedback

Customers love these shirts. "God bless you. The nurses loved your shirt and wanted to know where I got it! I will take your brochure in when I get my stitches out." raved Susan from Kentucky. "Loved the shirts, Awesome product!" extolled J.K. "Just received your shirts and they are wonderful!" Customer testimonials like this warm my heart and lets me know that I'm making a great product that truly helps people in need.  "Thank you for the wonderful t-shirts.  Kerry made a wonderful recovery with them."  Again, your product is excellent and I know these shirts will be my major and most important apparel in the near future. Sally T.

We offer Medical Rehab Clothing for Rehab, Chemotherapy, Open Heart, Orthopedic & Dialysis wear and  T-shirts.

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Make Rehabilitation treatments easier for the patient by wearing our rehab clothing, medical uniforms, doctor outfits & hospital clothing.